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Coaching of Dr. Pathak

The Skillful Coaching of Dr. Pathak

Over 30 years of experience Dr. Pathak has invented his own technics and methods to train his clients and students. He not only trains you in language but he can train you in culture and customs if you need to mix in the Indian community or Indian businesses. He can help you attaining enlightenment and siddhi if you deserve and work for that. He can you being smartly spiritual and gain spiritual knowledge and power. He can teach you the gist of Hindu culture and religion without any influence of a particular doctrine.

If you seek a coach that helps you manage your stress, anger, fear or anxiety spiritually then get coachings of Dr. Pathak to shape up your personality and your business.  

Spiritual Coaching
Motivational Coaching
Stress Management
Anger Management

Dr. Pathak a world-renowned scholar of Sanskrit and Vedic Astrology holds a Master's degree and PhD in Sanskrit with a specialization in Vedic Disciplines & Vedic Astrology. He has an excellent command on Sanskrit, Hindi languages and Vedic Disciplines which he teaches and practices at multinational institutions. From India to Europe and further to the American continent there is a wide range of students and clients who appreciate and benefit from the knowledge, skills and experiences of Dr. Pathak.  

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