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Our Pricing Plans

Dr. Pathak and his team provide their courses and lessons in different modern manners under Ved Bhawan's Knowlege on Move Program. Under this program, we bring some highly educated and qualified experts in your reach and even at your doorsteps to make learning easy and possible. Now you don't need to compromise with college-drop-outs or never-been-to-school "scholars" in your area because learned people are out of your reach.  


Vertical Pricing tables

Astrology Consultations

From Eur 200

Consult Acharya Pathak and his team on Telephone, Live Chat, via E-Mail or simply Personally by visiting him or calling himself to your home or office (travel surcharge applies).

  • Telephone / Live Chat Consult: Eur 200
  • Yagya Recommendation: Eur 50
  • Business Consult: Eur 1000
  • Family Consult: Eur 600
  • Home Consult: Eur 400
  • E-Mail Consult: Eur 300
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Astrology Services

From Eur 200

Astrology Services such as Horoscope, Match-making, Health, Business, Finance, Property, Marriage, Pregnancy or Spiritual Reports are completed and mailed in pdf format.  

  • Horoscope interpretations Basic: Eur 350
  • Horoscope Interpretation Premium: Eur 1500
  • Horoscope Interpretation Royal: Eur 2500
  • Horoscope Reports: Eur 700
  • Horoscope Match: Eur 200
  • Vastu Analysis: Eur 750
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Courses & Lessons

From Eur 200

Courses and lessons of Dr. Pathak and his team are available on Google Classes, in class-rooms at our centers, via email or in Private Lessons just at the comfort of your home or office.

  • Google Meet: 2 hrs x 20 Lessons: Eur 2000
  • Group Courses: 2 hrs x 20 lessons: Eur 1200
  • Capsule Courses: 5 hrs x 10 Days: Eur 4500
  • E-Mail Courses: 20 weekly lessons: Eur 650
  • Private Lessons: 2 hours x 20 Lessons: Eur 2000
  • Private Lessons: 2 hours: Eur 250
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Travel Surcharges:
Ved Bhawan makes its scholars available either at our centers or at your home or office. For example, for a private lesson, personal consult or capsule courses the professor needs to travel to your place and eventually needs to stay further near you at a hotel for example to provide you private lessons or capsule courses. In these cases the travel surcharge is passed on to you as illustrated below:

  • Flight & Travel Surcharge: Eur 500 (with-in Europe)
  • Lodging Surcharge: Eur 150 per day

Dr. Pathak a world-renowned scholar of Sanskrit and Vedic Astrology holds a Master's degree and PhD in Sanskrit with a specialization in Vedic Disciplines & Vedic Astrology. He has an excellent command on Sanskrit, Hindi languages and Vedic Disciplines which he teaches and practices at multinational institutions. From India to Europe and further to the American continent there is a wide range of students and clients who appreciate and benefit from the knowledge, skills and experiences of Dr. Pathak.  

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